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Design and Artistic Freedom:


  • Examples/references provided are for inspiration, not replication.

  • Tattoo design is based on your idea, but the artist has artistic freedom.

  • Only minor adjustments to the initial idea are accepted after booking.

  • Final design adjustments are made during the first hour of your tattoo appointment.

  • Major changes may result in loss of deposit and/or appointment.

  • Rates subject to change due to design adjustments or required time.


Booking Deposit:


  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment.

  • One reschedule is allowed per appointment within three months.

  • Changes within 48 hours or no-shows result in deposit forfeiture.

  • Deposits accepted via e-transfer to


Consent and Identification:


  • Before the appointment, you will fill out a health and consent form.

  • Bring valid government photo identification with your name and date of birth.


Day of the Appointment:


  • Arrive well-rested and sober.

  • Trim/shave the area being tattooed.

  • Attend appointments alone for safety and hygiene reasons.

  • Frequent session interruptions may incur extra charges.


Touch-Up Policy:


  • Complimentary touch-ups are available only if deemed necessary within three months.

  • Touch-ups not meeting the criteria are charged hourly.

  • Hand and feet tattoo touch-ups are not included in the policy.


We're excited to work with you to create your unique tattoo. If you have questions, please contact us.

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