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Take advantage of the premium session rates when using Bitcoin as payment. Use the converter tool to calculate an accurate conversion.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Your Bitcoin Wallet or Visit a Bitcoin ATM

  2. Scan the QR Code:

    • Open the "Send" or "Pay" section in your wallet or ATM.

    • Use the camera feature in your wallet to scan the QR code shown or copy and paste the wallet address provided.

  3. Enter the Amount:

    • Ensure the correct amount of Bitcoin to be sent is entered. This amount should match the total for your deposit or payment.

  4. Use the Standard Bitcoin Network:

    • Make sure to send using the standard Bitcoin (BTC) network.

    • Do not use other Bitcoin networks or any other cryptocurrency network.

  5. Confirm the Transaction:

    • Review the details (amount and receiving address) to ensure everything is correct.

    • Confirm and send the payment.

  6. Wait for Confirmation:

    • Bitcoin transactions usually take a few minutes to confirm.

    • You will receive confirmation once the transaction is complete.

Once completed, your payment will be processed, and you'll get a confirmation message when your payment is received.



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